Sunday, August 24, 2008

Welcome to Feigenlandia

Welcome back to school! This is our class blog, named "Feigenlandia" (you'll learn why it's called that in just a few weeks)

Although the summer has been lovely, it's time when we all start to feel ready to come back, re-establish relationships, and get back into the routine of learning. Ok, maybe we could use a few more weeks to go to the pool, travel to unknown places, and just lie in a backyard hammock with a really good book. But don't fear--we have plenty of fun times ahead of us in the 6th grade. To name just a few:

Students in Action day
Creating our own websites
Publishing a class book
Learning about ancient cultures and mythology
Reading lots of great books, both in class and outside of class
Writing short stories
Student Council
Lower School Musical
Tefilah Breakfast

Yeah, you'd better believe it, 6th grade is a ROCKIN' year!